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How to Wash your Car at the Coin Operated Car Wash

How to Wash your Car at the Coin Operated Car Wash

1.   Get ready. Do you have enough coins for one or two cycles (or more if your vehicle is very dirty)?

2.   Grab Optional Equipment

a.   Rubber gloves

b.   Soft Cloth or a Lamb’s Wool Wash Mitt

c.    Wheel Brush

d.   Waffle Micro Fiber Cloth for Cleaning Glass

3.   First give the whole car a quick initial rinse

4.   Then scrub the wheels. (Bring your own wheel brush just in case.)

5.   Next switch to soap and suds up the whole car.

6.   Wash the tough spots with a Lamb’s Wool Wash Mitt

7.   Rinse off all the soap. Starting from the top of the car and work your way down.

The Coin Operated Car Wash power washer helps clean your car quickly and efficiently vs. washing at home with your hose. It requires less “touch” from rags or sponges which can scratch paint. Commercial Coin Washes also have commercial quality soap that is better suited for vehicle finishes than the dish detergent many DIYers use at home.

If you bring your own supplies, you can get the best of both worlds drying by hand to avoid spots and cleaning glass for a perfect shine.

Regular washes remove build-up of dirt, salt and other substances that accumulate on your vehicle during normal driving conditions.

In just a few minutes each week, you can remove the grime and keep your car looking good.

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