Your Lincoln specialist

As the owner of a Lincoln, we know you want to keep your vehicle looking its best.  At Wolf Star Wash - in Jonesboro we’re here to help.  You can trust your vehicle’s care to our modern technology and equipment.

Lincoln is renowned for comfort and features.  Wolf Star Wash - in Jonesboro is the preferred Lincoln car wash facility.  Weekly car washes are a great way to ensure that your Lincoln is clean, cared for and fun to drive.

Your Lincoln is in great hands at Wolf Star Wash - in Jonesboro.

Wolf Star Wash - in Jonesboro is your Lincoln specialist.

Wolf Star Wash - Jonesboro in Jonesboro also services the needs of Bay, Bono, Brookland, Lake City.

The company was founded in August 1915 by Henry M. Leland, one of the founders of Cadillac (originally the Henry Ford Company).  During World War I, he left Cadillac which was sold to General Motors.  He formed the Lincoln Motor Company, named after Abraham Lincoln, his longtime hero, to build Liberty aircraft engines with his son, Wilfred, using cylinders supplied by Ford Motor Company.  After the war, the company's factories were retooled to manufacture luxury automobiles.  The Lincoln Motor Company was active until April 30, 1940.  The following day, it became the Lincoln Division of Ford Motor Company.